Donneuse apparentée
The Green Overalls, HUG / Les Blouses vertes, HUG
Henri, 14th May 2008, CHUV/ Henri, 14 mai 2008, CHUV
7th Level, 13th June 2008, CHUV / Niveau 7, 13 juin 2008, CHUV
The Back, 26th June 2008, CHUV / Le Dos, 26 juin 2008, CHUV
The Magpies, 30th June 2008, CHUV / Les Pies, 30 juin 2008, CHUV
Mother and Son, 26th June 2008, CHUV / Mère et fils, 26 juin 20
Self-portrait with Henri, 26th August 2008, Yverdon / Autoportra
Henri, 26th August 2008, Yverdon / Henri 26 août 2008, Yverdon
Ventilation, 20th October 2008, HUG / La Ventilation, 20 octobre
The Room, 21st October 2008, HUG / La Chambre, 21 octobre 2008,
The Incubator, 2nd October 2008, HUG / La Couveuse, 2 octobre 20
Self-portrait, 21st October 2008, HUG / Autoportrait, 21 octobre
The Graft- The Umbilical, 21st October 2008, HUG / La Greffe- Le
Self-Portrait, 21st October 2008, HUG / Autoportrait, 21 octobre
5th Level, 20th October 2008, HUG / Niveau 5, 20 octobre 2008, H
Self-portrait, 20st October 2008, HUG / Autoportrait, 20 octobre
The Broom, 18th May 2009, Lausanne / Le Genêt, 18 mai 2009, Lau
Henri, 19 mai 2009, CHUV / Henri, 19 mai 2009, CHUV
The Caterpillar, 3rd August 2009, Yverdon / La Chenille, 3 août
Donneuse apparentée

Donneuse apparentée / Related Donor

This photographic encounter is, above all a story of life, of sharing and of love. In times of illness, to live becomes a constant quest.

I started photographing my brother Henri the day when I learned he was suffering from acute leukaemia. In the beginning it was me who felt the need to photograph him. In the end it was he who asked to be photographed. My camera became my best friend. It served as a barrier between myself and the world. It watched me during my stem cell donation to my brother and it accompanied and joined us together during this whole life experience.

Under the sheets, the metamorphosis happens slowly. The blood flows through the intravenous line and enters his body. In the hope of a rebirth, a battle takes place in the darkness of his cocoon.

A butterfly appears. Henri followed his path, he left sooner than expected.

Sarah Carp


This photographic work was carried out in Switzerland between May 2008 and August 2009. Henri died at home on 5 August 2009 at the age of 23.

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